Grief & Spiritual Support

Hospice | Spiritual Support - Hands on BibleGrief is a natural process. OSF Hospice's pastoral care and bereavement services offers patients and their families' companionship and true understanding of their experience.

Professional grief counselors help assist people to recognize and express the many manifestations of grief: physical reactions, mental chaos, emotional turmoil, social reactions and spiritual concerns. Individual grief counseling and/or support groups can nurture courage and strength so that the bereaved is able to recommit to life with its precious memories and relationships. Bereavement services are offered to family members for 13 months. Important healing can only take place when we experience and express grief with people who understand the process and who are able to provide caring support. 

Our pastoral care coordinators visit with patients and their families' in the home, nursing home or hospital. He/she can serve as a pastor for your family while under hospice care and can provider inspiration and hope with readings and prayers, if requested. They can also contact your local church to request a visit from your pastor if you prefer.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services are provided as a time for the hospice staff and the families of our patients to gather together. This special time is for the staff to thank the families for the opportunity of being a part of their life experience. Our memorial service is a formal time to honor those loved ones that have died. It is also a time for family and friends to remember, grieve, comfort, and to be comforted.

OSF Hospice memorial services are held at various times throughout the year. Some memorial services are held in conjunction with other events at your local OSF hospital. Please contact OSF Hospice for specific memorial service dates and times.

Messages of Hope 

OSF Home Care Services provides complimentary Messages of Hope booklets to help patients and families with the grieving process. These booklets are tailored for different areas of grief, such as the death of a child or parent or grief during the holidays.

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Contact Information

To learn more about grief and spiritual support, please call (800) 673-5288.